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WoMen Attitude                                                                        
12-02-17 Seri Alam
Jalan 1/78 Off Jalan Istana
57100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel No : 03 - 92210706
016 - 3235232 



100% natural soap
made up of young guava leaves
for all skin type
two fragrance
antibacterial soap and whitening agent
Our product is a shower bar made out of fully guava leaves and glycerin vita-E and fragrance. we have two variety of smell which can be selected. guava leaves has a lot of herbal benefits and used as a whitening agent in ancient days.This soap can prevent body odour for the most of 3days and mainly the armpit odour. this also cures and prevent acne and body acne and act as an antibacterial soap. natural quality is 100% promised.
also prevent formation of blackheads an removes it from the body,
fungal spreading will be stopped and cured in 2 months for heavy fungal attack,
it also prevent itchiness in the body and joints of the body
prevent skin dryness and acts as a moisturizer and the main composition of the glycerin forms a protective layer on the skin even after the shower which prevents penetration of UV rays.
new product hitting the global market soon,
stockist wanted all over the globe,
 wholesalers are welcomed.
shop owner and beauty shop owner are welcome to be our agent with high profit earned.
- AGENT 30%




RM 12.95  100 gram 

INGIN memiliki SABUN Herbal JEnama Sendiri ???

Kami ada Rangkaian Herbal - Herbal yang sudah terbukti Berkesan sejak zaman Berkurun lagi. Dengan Modal yang KEcil anda MAMPU menjadi PEMILIK BRAND sendiri.

Sila Layari :- untuk membaca Komen - Komen dari Customer Kami yang berpuas Hati didalam 7 hari selepas Guna.

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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Outlet's & Distributor's


Putrajaya -   Pasaraya Borong SALAM, Precint 19

Jalan Raja Muda Aziz  - PT Widuri - 55 & 57 03-2691 9350

Lebuh Ampang - Ladies Park @ KO Peer Mohd - 20 Jalan Lebuh Ampang  - 03 - 20783570

Brickfields  - Ashokan Store , jln Tun Sambathan

BangsarFirst Impression Beauty Saloon - 34 jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar Baru Kuala Lumpur ( oppo devi's Corner Restaurant )

Jalan Ipoh Pasaraya Uma Rani No 2, 2A, 6 Ground Flr, Jalan Ipoh Batu 4 Kl


Taman Sri Manja = Shafee jewels, H - G - 12, Jln PJS 1 / 21, Taman Petaling Utama, 46000 Petaling Jaya.- 0196422236

Ara Damansara - Jehan - 012 9352362

Puchong -  Bazaar Rakyat - lot bz 042 primawalk jln 5/6, taman puchong prima, 47100 puchong,selangor - 019 3041687 

Bukit Jelutong -  Keith Hair Studio - Plaza Jelutong, Block B G-16, 15c Persiaran Gerbang Utama, Sec U8 Shah Alam - *** CLOSED EVERY MONDAY 

Kuala Kubu Bahru ( KKB ) -  Kadir Mydin Shop - 10 Jalan Mat Kilau KKB Selangor

Kajang -  Komathi - 017 2764041

CherasKedai Runcit CHE ISA C.G 29 Block C, Jalan Cheras Prima, Taman Cheras Prima, 43000, Kajang Selangor. - 03 87338467 


Genting Permai - WIN WIN STORE - 16 Genting Permai Boulevard, KM 10 Genting Highlands

Bukit Tinggi - Berjaya Hill Resort's Colmar Tropicale

Fraser's Hill  - no 7 MSG Food Garden - 013 2330049

Bentong  - Kedai Jamu Norhafizah - No 1, Jalan Loke Yew, 28700, Bentong Pahang - 09 - 2220127

Karak - Kedai Jamu Norhafizah - No 9, Jalan Besar Karak, 28600, Pahang

Temerloh - Kedai Jamu Norhafizah - No 1-C Jalan Seri Chengal 1, Pusat Pernigaan Chengal 1, off Jalan Mentakab, Temerloh ( Area MarryBrown @ KOBOI supermarket ) - 017-9072729

Kuantan  - Faizah - Jalan Berserah - 013 9305636




Bayan Baru - Sivaji - 017-4884007

Ayer Itam - Zainur Habib - 012 7873772 

Butterworth - Angela Sandra - 016 6595639 


Bandar Melaka - Yogeswary - 01126822830 


Tampin - Jarina - 0126784033


Skudai - Vijaya -  0102714065
Kota Kinabalu - NAN CLOXET (fashions & beauty) Lot 2.26A, 2nd floor, KK Plaza, Jalan Lapanbelas, 88000 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah - 6088-231196 / 016 - 8383839 


Kuching - Subian Latip - 013 8323295


* Underarm odor is caused by bacteria and their excrement. ... may be changed 2-3 times per day if they get sweaty, and keeping it dry can reduce odor and irritation. Shaving beneath your ARM can help eliminate BODY ODOR...

 * hi there - its good to wash ur head at least 3 times a week. This will avoid Dandruff Problem and hair Drop. Guava Leave can help u to clear all the dead skins and also kill the bacteria cause it is Rich with natural anti bacteria and anti oxidant and Minerals, Vitamin C E and we are using the best Leave among all the Guava's Family - EXPERIENCE IT . Send us a Comment if you need to know more about our Nature's Secret Guava Leaf Soap at or - Blessed All

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WoMen Attitude presenting Nature's Secret Guava Leaf Soap



Guava leaves can be used in treating
acne, blemished skin and a wide spectrum of healing benefits. WHY? The
guava leaves with its multitude of particular ingredients are utilized
in products for a pronounced astringent caused by their reaction with
skin proteins. Under the influence of tannins, a protective
membrane is formed on damaged skin, the nerve endings are desensitized,
inflammation as well as irritation and itching are reduced and
eventually cured. Guava Leaves have been traditionally used for beauty
throughout history by many cultures - AUSTRALIA - P.H.D



Membersihkan kulit WAJAH dan membaiki struktur kulit yang bermasalah.
Menghilangkan KEDUTAN.
Menegang dan mengecilkan PORI - PORI.
Merawat kulit bermasalah seperti JERAWAT, JERAGAT, KULIT BERMINYAK,  MELEMBAB dan MELEMBUTKAN kulit
Boleh digunakan untuk rambut / MASALAH KELIMUMUR
Mengurangkan BAU BADAN  terutamanya di bahagian ketiak dan kaki.
Merawat PANAU dan  KURAP.
Mengurangkan GATAL di celah-celah peha & ruam disebabkan napkin bayi.
Boleh digunakan sebagai KRIM PENCUKUR


• Acne                                         • Tinea versicolor
• Whiten skin                            
• Pigmentation                            • Skin rash
• Oily skin                                   • Shaving foam
• Uneven tone                             • Dandruff
• Wrinkles                                   • Hygiene wash
• Cleanse                                     • Heal crack
• Moisturize                                 • Body odour
•Reduce pores                             
  Foot odour





                                    BAU BADAN / BODY ODOUR



                                      LEG ODOUR AND ALSO PAIN DUE TO SKIN PROBLEM 


Has anyone ever thought or worried if they are facing this body odour problem?
No sweat,there is a solution. This ia a fabulous product created is the only product invented for body odour. This is a 100gram bar soap for the whole body. This soap can be used by everyone. Its suitable for all types of skin. The soap is made out of Selected Guava leaf extract only fragrance and glycerin.  Guava leaf extract is believed to be effective in removing body odour especially at the armpits. This soap is Rich in vitamin C,E, Minerals, Anti Oxidant and Natural Anti Bacteria.
Helps reduce acne as well. Direction to use : Wash directly to your face, body and ARMPITS massage slightly in an upward circular motion. Leave for 2-3 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water. Use twice daily or as necessary.

We are expending our business to all out Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak..

We are welcoming everyone who is interested to be agents for our product.. Please do contact us at this number below or you are always welcome to drop us an email .

Please do forward this mail to as many people as possible.. It will be very useful for them who are looking for business opportunities & those facing this body odour.

WoMen Attitude
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